You have a lot of ground to cover to turn someone into a customer.

Capture your customer’s interest in an instant,
and begin nurturing the relationship.

We provide integrated marketing solutions to help you do that.

Content Marketing

We operate across the continuum of content marketing to provide holistic solutions that help you inform and influence key audiences.

Public Relations

Public Relations

We help you earn publicity that creates awareness of your brand and persuasively positions you as the expert across every segment of the media.

Digital Marketing

We help you translate your business objectives into an effective online presence that aligns your goals with those of your key audiences.

Professional services firms are our specialty

We understand the ecosystem in which you compete and the channels available to you. We know how your audience looks for information. We put your message on their path in ways they find informative and useful.

Cate’s vision and insight have been essential to creating the content that interests my audience.

Mike Evers

Founder, CEO, Evers Legal

Small and powerful

Experienced. Resourceful. Nimble.

You need to respond to change both inside and outside your business. We have the experience and insight to help your communications strategy quickly adapt to market opportunities. In every challenge we find solutions that get results.

Attract an audience and keep their interest.

We combine public relations, content marketing and website solutions into a cohesive strategy to influence your key audiences.

Public Relations

Brand Awareness

We understand how your audience finds information across a broad range of channels. We put your name and message on their path in ways that resonate with their needs and concerns.

Thought Leadership

We help you understand the current dialog in the marketplace. That provides the foundation to define, articulate, and disseminate unique points of view that position you as a thought leader to key audiences.

Lead Generation

We help you establish programs to generate and nurture leads across all stages of the purchase cycle. We look across all available communication platforms to leverage a mix of the most effective channels to influence your key audiences.

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"Cate Flahardy Communications is a continual source of ideas that help to move my business forward."

Mike Evers
Founder, CEO, Evers Legal